Pet Bakery & Artisanal Pet Treats | AVS Licensed | Free shipping for only treats & supplements above SGD45 - Not applicable for cakes

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we are an AVA licensed kitchen which undergo regular and stringent checks by the authorities.

Yes, you can visit us at 86 Jalan Senang S418456. Our opening hours are updated regularly on Google Business so just run a check to see if we are open before heading down to be safe!

We accept Cash, PayLah!, PayNow, Google Pay or Credit Card at our store.

We encourage pawrents to play a part in saving the environment by bringing along your own containers or jars along to purchase treats for your furry friend from the our in-store Treat Bar.

If you are unable to visit us personally, you can still make a purchase online over at our Online Treat Bar. 

Our Products

Never mass produced or automated, our treats are made fresh in small batches with only high-quality human grade meats upon order confirmation hence there is a processing time required upon order placement.

All our products go through a strict process of ozone-cleansing and air drying to ensure all pathogens such as Salmonella and E.coli are destroyed before packaging. What we will not feed our pets, we would never feed yours! 🐶

As all our treats are made fresh in small batches, this helps to prolong their shelf life when you receive them. However as no nasties or preservatives are added, they are not as shelf stable as those available commercially.

The recommended shelf life for regular treats is 3 months when stored in a cool and dry place. You can extend the shelf life to up to 6 months by popping them in the freezer. Here's a tip: Avoid placing wet or moist hands into the treat bags as this creates a great breeding ground for mold in our humid local climate.

We have a wide range of treats available for purchase both online and in store. Our regular air-dried treats are weighed and freshly packed at 50grams, while our freeze-dried treats are processed and freshly packed in 20/30gram packs. To be sure of what you are placing a purchase for, the grammage of our all products can be found listed in their individual product listing. 

Order & Shipping

Treats & Supplement Orders:
We can definitely help you with a cancellation of your order within 72 hours of order confirmation. All you will need to do is contact us on Whatsapp with your order number which can be found in your confirmation email and reason for cancellation. We will try our best to assist you as soon as we can.

Cakes & Other Baked Goods:
All cakes and baked goods are strictly non-refundable once orders have been placed.
This is to ensure responsible purchases as we have limited slots allocated per day.

If you are unable to self-collect your items on your selected date, you may contact a third-party GrabExpress/LalaMove/RydeSend Courier to have your order delivered as stated in all product listings.
Do note that we will not be responsible for any damages once the item has left our premises.

We will only take into account cancellations which fall under the following reason(s)
and will be taken into consideration on a case by case basis only.

  • Health Complications
    eg. Sudden Death, Serious Illness resulting in being warded at the vet
  • Bereavement of Family Member

We offer free delivery for treats, supplements and toys for all orders above SGD$35. There will be a courier charge of $4.50 for orders which do not quality for free delivery.

Baked goods and frozen products do not qualify for free delivery due to the nature of these products. Please note that these items are to be collected in our store or alternatively, you may arrange for your own third-party courier service to collect these items on your behalf. 

Yes, you can pick your order up at our store located at 86 Jalan Senang S418456. We will try our best to accommodate to your request if you need to pick your items up urgently as we know how it's like to run out of treats for your best pal.

However, please do note that as our products are made in small batches, we may not have the item(s) you need/have placed an order for available for immediate pickup. We recommend contacting us on Whatsapp if you need your items urgently so we can assist you better.

To ensure that your order gets to you safely, all our parcels come with a tracking number which will be updated once the courier has picked it up after it has been processed and freshly packed - you can refer to the estimated timeframe in the next FAQ.

You will be able to find the tracking information of your order in the email you have received in your email upon confirmation by clicking on 'View your order'.

All our treats are made fresh in small batches with only high-quality human grade meats upon order confirmation hence there is a processing time required upon order placement. All our products go through a strict process of ozone-cleansing and air drying to ensure all pathogens such as Salmonella and E.coli are destroyed before packaging.

Estimated timeframe upon order confirmation:
Air Dried Packaged Treats/Supplements: Up to 14 Working Days*
Treat Bar Chews & Treats: Up to 18 Working Days*
Freeze Dried Treats: Up to 21 Working Days*
What are *Working Days?
Monday - Friday, 1000 - 1800hrs | Excluding weekends and public holidays.

Pupcakes, Cakes & Meatloaf

Yes, we do! We offer a range of products such as pupcakes, meatloafs, and customised barkday cakes. You can view some of our products available here

Our cakes are made fresh on the day of collection with high-quality human grade ingredients to ensure that your pup (and their friends) get the best. If the celebration is scheduled for more than 4 hours after the stipulated collection time, we recommend storing the cake in the chiller. As the meat is cooked thoroughly during the baking process, it is safe to be fed cold. It is highly advised to treat your pup's food as you would toward your own consumables.

At Knibbles Singapore, we believe in using only high-quality human grade ingredients. Our ingredients are carefully sourced from a list of AVS governed and licensed suppliers to ensure that your pup gets fed the best because what we will not feed our furkids or ourselves, we will not feed yours.

Transparent with the ingredients used in our baked goods, all colours are naturally derived from freeze dried fruit or vegetable powders. We do not use cheap and popular cake fillers such as eggs, flour, secondary carbohydrates besides potato for the cake frosting such as oats/rice/quinoa/chickpeas. All our baked goods contain only 100% protein of your choice. This is to ensure that we are able to provide your pup and your guests a worry free experience without having to second guess if there are dietary allergies or restrictions.

Note: The only non-edible part of the cake would be photo/text toppers, sticks or structures used to support the cake inside of figurines or objects or as such.

Unlike human cakes made of sponge and are generally light and secured with a dab of cream on the base of the board, we are unable to do the same with meat bases. Hence, we highly recommend self pick-up for all cakes from our store at 86 Jalan Senang S418456 on the day or a day before the celebration.

1) If you are driving:
We suggest you come with a friend to pick up the cake so they are able to assist you in holding the cake. A tip we can offer would be to place the box on the floor of the car to minimize movement of the cake, reducing the risk of the cake sliding about.

2) If you are taking public transport:
The nearest MRT located to our store is Kembangan MRT Station. You can take bus 42 from the bus stop near the station or walk by foot for 6-8 minutes via the park connector to get to us.

3) If you are getting your own delivery service:
We will share a photo fo the end product before and after the cake has been placed in the box. Cakes will be placed in an open-box layout with cling wrap for hygiene purposes and also to show the original state before handover. We highly recommend you inform the courier to drive with utmost care to prevent incurring any damages to the cake.

* Do take note that we do not allow overnight storage of orders.
All orders are to be collected on the same day of your selected date.

🎈 Word of caution 🎈

Do note that we will not be held responsible for any damages once the cake has left the premises when self-collected. If you require retouching of the damaged cake, extra costs will be incurred based on the amount of work required to reinstate the design back to original form.

If you are collecting your party essentials a day before the date of celebration, please let us know so that we are able to cling wrap the cake boxes for you to try to trap as much moisture as we can within the cake. This is necessary because potatoes tend to loose moisture when left in contact with the air - regardless cold or warm. Cling wrapping the box will reduce the chances of the cake cracking however do please note that this outcome may vary based on the temperature of your refrigerator.

Our baked items can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 3 days upon collection. If you intend to have the leftovers stored for an extended period of time, you can portion them and have them stored in the freezer for up to 2 weeks.