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Kueh Barkit - 2 Flavours Choice

Kueh Barkit - 2 Flavours Choice

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[ 2 0 2 2Ā  P R E - O R D E R ]
Remember that white fragrant and crumbly cookie you often saw at your grandparent's place when you were younger? Yep - we're talking about Kueh Bangkit aka Coconut Cookies šŸ„„

Inspired by our own childhood favourite and with rounds of recipe testing, we are proud to release Singapore's First Gluten and Grain-free for theĀ 4th year in the making, a doggo friendly rendition šŸ¶Ā  What's better this year? We're here to offer you a premium option of Mao Shan Wang Kueh Barkits!

Pre-order Starts: 07/01/2022
Pre-order Ends: 15/01/2022Ā (or till quantities run out)

Original Kueh Barkit
Ingredients:Ā Organic Coconut Flour, Fresh Goat's Milk
Quantity:Ā 10-12Ā Pieces/Bottle

Mao Shan Wang Kueh Barkit
Organic Coconut Flour,Ā Fresh Mao Shan Wang
Quantity:Ā 10-12Ā Pieces/Bottle

Room temperature for 3 weeks. Highly recommended for storage in theĀ refrigerator for up toĀ 3 months.


Do note that this is a pre-order and confirmed orders will be prepared between 08/01/2022-28/01/2021, and mailed outĀ by 30/01/2022 so they will arrive before the 01/02/2022 for Chinese New Year Celebrations. Do kindly drop us an email or a message at +65Ā 9386 2648Ā if you require any assistance.

Happy New Year!
Ā *woof*