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Durian Ice Cream Cookies
Durian Ice Cream Cookies

Durian Ice Cream Cookies

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This is a pre-order as we were completely wiped out in store over the weekend and many of you also asked if it can be purchased online so here you are! Available for purchase as single pack options or in a bundle of 3.
Can't get your paws on your parent's durian potong ice cream? We've got you covered buddy! 🍦 Made with Mao Shan Wang goodness, this two-ingredient cookie definitely packs a punch - you'll know it just by sniffing the pack 🌚

What's Inside
Mao Shan Wang Pulp & Organic Coconut Flour

Hard, Cronchy

No Nasties
Contains 0% Salt, sugar, dyes or preservatives

Purchase with Confidence
Never mass produced or automated. Our treats are only made fresh upon order confirmation.