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Barkday Goodie Packs (x10)
Barkday Goodie Packs (x10)

Barkday Goodie Packs (x10)

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*Minimum Order: 10 Packs
*Minimum Order for Customised Stickers: 20 Packs
*1 protein and/or variation per 10 Packs

Looking for yummy little treat packs to add into your furkid's barkday goodie bag for guests? We offer a range of grammages to suit your budget and needs. 

Drop us a text via WhatsApp if you:
1) require packs of more than 25grams,
2) require packs of an odd number and not in 10s,
3) require a customised sticker for your party (lead time 2-4 weeks required!)
4) require something urgently!

We would be more than happy to help you out!